Learning a musical instrument teaches children to be committed, disciplined and self-reliant. They continue to use these skills throughout their lives and go on to become confident, independent individuals, who have nurtured their passions and achieve better social interaction as future adults.

We practise consistency, positive mindset, in order to develop children's attitude, ethos and character.

Our programmes are designed to build confidence, enhance creativity and set children up to strive for excellence.

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Develop your child's confidence, talent, educational and social skills with our high quality music and performing arts classes, courses, and stage performances. Stage Talent lessons are led by qualified, passionate teachers with many years of experience in the West-End, TV and renowned theatre appearances.


  • Groups

    30 minutes lessons - From £20

    Singing, Guitar, Keyboard

    • 36 Group lessons p/year

    • Suitable for children aged 4+

    • Combining practical and basic theory.

    • Live performances Choir, Vocal etc


    60 minutes lessons - From £25

    Theory (Get ready for ABRSM exams)

    • 36 Group lessons p/year

    • Suitable for students aged 6+

    • Advanced practical and theory.

    • Online video tutorials

    • Online resources 

    • Grade exams at student's choice.

  • One to One

    30 minutes lessons - From £25

    Piano, Singing, Guitar, Violin, Drums

    • 36 One to One lessons p/year

    • Suitable for children aged 4+.

    • Combining practical and basic theory.

    • Chamber and live performances.

    • Grade exams at student's choice.


    45+ minutes lessons - Contact us

    Piano, Singing, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Theory

    • 36 One to One lessons p/year

    • Suitable for children aged 6+

    • Advanced practical and theory.

    • Chamber and live performances.

    • Grade exams at student's choice.


About us

Mariela and Tom are professional artists with over 25 years of experience of performing with top national and international companies including: The BBC and English National Opera at venues such as Wembley Arena, London Coliseum, South Bank Centre and many more.


Mariela and Tom are passionate about teaching and believe in investing in the children’s future by engaging them through music and performing arts.


Alongside their many professional engagements Mariela and Tom have set up the Stage Talent Academy; a Performing Arts Centre for children and young people to learn and develop their talent, improve their confidence, at a high quality, friendly and inclusive environment. 


The main focus of the Stage Talent Academy is to support students in achieving their academic ambitions and give them the opportunity to perform live on stage and other artistic platforms.


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Mariela Cingo

(Concert Pianist, Choir Master and Theory Specialist)


Mariela Cingo started playing the piano at the age of six, inspired by her mother (an opera singer) and her first ever piano teacher Mr Petrika Mele.

Mariela gave her first piano concert at the age of 7. By the age of 12 she had won her first competition and played Haydn Piano Concerto with a Philharmonic orchestra.

In 1995, Mariela won a scholarship to study at the London College of Music. 

Mariela is the winner of several renowned festivals and piano competition including Croydon, Reigate Festival etc.

Her repertoire includes famous classical composers such as: Beethoven, Mozart, Grieg, Mendelssohn , Rachmaninoff and many more.

Mariela plays regularly with various orchestras such as: The BBC Ariel, Whitehall, Blackfriars, Amici, Tonbridge Philharmonic, Hillingdon Philharmonic, Northdowns Sinfonia and many more in venues such as St John Smith Square, Cadogan Hall and Barbican.

Upcoming engagements among others are: The Grieg Piano Concerto with The BBC Ariel orchestra and several other performances nationally and internationally. 

Course Information

Three terms per year. 

12 sessions per term. 

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Stage Talent Academy

Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue,

Ickenham, London UB10 8PD

Phone: 0203 012 0134

Email: info@StageTalent.co.uk