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Where A Love Of Learning Grows

Children love music. The talent is in there already, we just nurture it when the time is right. Encourage, develop, improve.

At Stage Talent Academy we know where we fit in. Our role is clear. Learning a musical instrument shapes a child for life. They love to learn and with this comes positive, character-forming skills such as, listening, planning, self-discipline, self-reliance, teamwork and confidence. Commitment, scrutiny and ambition. 

Our music teaching programmes are designed to help creativity thrive while children strive. Excellence is always the focus. 

The academy offers a hybrid of live and online music tuition expertise, taking children on a journey from primary school age through to 8 grade and beyond. They can choose to learn and play the piano, guitar, violin, singing and other instruments either in one-on-one sessions or in group classes. Additionally, they can prepare for and participate in practical and theory exams conducted by internationally recognised examination bodies such as ABRSM, Trinity, and others. We believe that the best age to start is when children or adults ask.

The balance of face-to-face lessons and online classes with instrumental teachers provides continuity. Fewer lessons are missed. This, coupled with our values of consistency and perseverance makes Stage Talent Academy a popular, educational investment with local, national and international parents.

Academy founders Mariela and Tom are professional artists and educators with more than 30 years of performance and tuition experience. Their passion for engaging children through music and the performing arts is the energy that drives all our music learning programmes. An energy that has fuelled the desire of thousands of children to master various performing arts subjects, instruments, pass exams, develop social skills, grow as individuals and have lots of fun along the way. 

To discover just how much fun our lessons are, please see our registration page to book a free taster lesson.

Our Story

We now teach music to more than 800 students with many working through Music Theory while learning more than one instrument simultaneously. And we are no longer in one fixed location. We operate from several London locations and also have a large following online. We operate in many schools where our high standard of teaching is in high demand.

Our Mission

Music tuition is the Trojan horse of education. At Stage Talent Academy we don’t teach music, we develop precious life skills with melody and rhythm included. Through playing an instrument and performing, our children grow to become confident, well rounded,  self-motivated adults. Lovers of self-discipline, laser focus, teamwork and… beautiful music.

Our Team

Alice Taylor was born in the UK but has lived in Malta and Cyprus before settling in Albania in 2017. She started studying the violin at the age of four after being inspired by Disney’s Fantasia. She progressed to Grade 7, at the same time taking up the piano (Grade 5), voice (Grade 5) and dabbling with the cello.

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