Develop your child's confidence, talent, educational and social skills with our high quality performing arts courses, classes and holiday activities. 

Our combined Drama, Music and Dance courses are lead by passionate teachers with many years of experience in the West-End, TV and renowned theatre appearances.

Stage Talent Academy for children
Combining Drama, Music and Dance for children aged 4+
to gain confidence, improve educational and social skills
whilst having fun. Opportunities to perform live on stage.
Yearly courses. 12 sessions per term.
Each session runs for 1 ½ Hours.

Stage Talent Courses

Compass Theatre

Glebe Avenue, Ickenham, UB10 8PD
Saturdays 2:30 - 4:30
Stage Talent Course 
(Combining Drama, Singing and Dance)
Course Description and Benefits
Group Drama Course for Children
West-End and Disney plays/musicals
Build confidence
Practise role-play and acting techniques
Introduction to acting improvisation
Team work
Increase concentration abilities 
Develop memory skills
Improve diction
Voice projection
Introduction to pantomime
Live performances
Group Music and Singing Course for Children
Pop, West End and Disney musicals
Stage and body posture
Breathing techniques
Sound projection
Rhythm and time keeping


Build confidence
Techniques for coping with stage fright
Live performances
Group Dance Course for Children 
West-End and Disney choreographies
Jazz, Contemporary and Street dance
Spatial and group awareness
Muscle memory
Visual and movement memory
Stage and body posture
Work as part of a team
Build confidence
Build strength and stamina
Feel-good factor
Improve emotional well-being
Introduction to movement improvisation
Live performances

Stage Talent Academy

Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue,

Ickenham, London UB10 8PD

Phone: 0203 012 0134