Online Instrumental Music Lessons


How to join your online lesson with Stage Talent?

(Instructions for Current Students)

These are unusual circumstances for all of us. We are committed to working with you and delivering the best possible online lessons. Therefore we would appreciate your patience and understanding. 


Getting ready:

Your Timetable: 
We will confirm your timetable via email/text/call.

If you haven’t received the timetable please text or call us on 07782503260
The start times need to be flexible (give or take 5mins) as it is the 1st time trying out the system. 


Your up to date phone number:
To eliminate any disruptions on the day, make sure you have given us the number you want to use for the lesson. This may be a different number from the one we hold on our database. Therefore it’s very important we have your up to date contact.  


Your instrument (piano, guitar, violin etc)
Have your instrument ready and tuned. If for any reason you don’t have your instrument, do not worry. We cover not only practical but also Theory and Aural during our lessons. So the children will have plenty to do. 

Your current Music Sheets, Practice Note Book and Pencil:
Please have all your music pieces handy
Take note during your lesson in your Practice Note Book 

Internet connection:
Make sure you have a good internet connection and/or data. If you notice that the signal/connection is not good, disconnect from your Wifi and try to use your mobile phone data. 

Fully charged device:
Make sure your device/mobile is fully charged so it can last the entirety of your lesson.

Be prepared for the Video call:

Download WhatsApp from Appstore or Android online store. Enable WhatsApp from the settings menu to receive phone calls and notifications.

Launch WhatsApp and keep it ‘on’ to receive phone calls. Your teacher will call on your mobile before calling you on WhatsApp video.

Using other video applications or phone numbers:

Please do let us know in advance if you cant connect with us via WhatsApp, if you are using other applications or alternative phone number. 

Good light and no distractions:

Eliminate any noises and/or distractions.Make sure your room is well lit, TV is off and any siblings, pets or parents are not going to be a distraction by walking in and out during the lesson.

During the lesson:

Wait for the teacher to call you:

Our teacher will call you on your normal phone before the lesson start. They will then call you on WhatsApp to start the lesson

Positioning of the camera:

Position your device/mobile so the teacher can see your instrument, hands and face. Our teachers will help you with this.


Communicating with your teacher:
If you want to ask any questions, please raise your hand clearly for your teacher to see. 
Your teacher will do the same when she/he will need you to stop playing and give instructions.  

Technical issues:
Please bear with us as there might be some technical or timetable issues. 
We are committed to working with you and delivering the best possible online lessons.

Most importantly:

Enjoy your lesson and have fun 

If you have any questions ask your teacher or get in touch via text/phone 07782503260 or email

If you want to join Stage Talent Academy, Click here to register your interest and we will contact you to arrange an exploratory lesson.  

Stage Talent Academy Team