Music tuition is the Trojan horse of education. At Stage Talent Academy we don’t teach music, we develop precious life skills with melody and rhythm included. Through playing an instrument and performing, our children grow to become confident, well rounded,  self-motivated adults. Lovers of self-discipline, laser focus, teamwork and… beautiful music.

Our consistency of approach through Music Theory combines with a positive mindset to enhance a student’s love of learning. And build a child’s character.

Music Theory 

Music Theory is the nuts and bolts of understanding musical pieces. Music is a  language and Music Theory is grammar and punctuation. We can all speak and write a language, but do we want to be the best speaker? The best writer? Music Theory helps us become the best musician we can be.

This study of the practices and possibilities of music allows the child to truly understand the components of a piece of music. How it comes together, why certain compositional choices were made – how the piece works.

We take the child under the bonnet of the music. They learn how to strip the engine apart and see what drives a piece of music. This increases the speed at which they learn with mastery of an instrument coming sooner and the resultant sense of achievement boosting the child’s confidence.

Music Theory requires the application of logic, practice, study and perseverance but at Stage Talent Academy it is taught in an accessible way that makes sense to all children. They thrive as a result.

We are fans of Music Theory because it helps us achieve our goal of character building through music learning. Discipline, confidence, multi-tasking, listening, sight-reading, improvisation, concentration and attention to detail are just a few of the characteristics and skills that stem directly from our focus on Music Theory at the academy.

Grades, exams, certificates – despite their importance these are stepping stones. We are here to enrich souls, not target goals.

Live Performances

ABRSM Examinations 


Initially, it began with a search for a performing arts outlet for their own children. A place where the young ones could have fun through drama, dance and musical instrument learning all under one roof. Their local quest for such a place was not successful.

Mariela was already established as a piano and vocal teacher while Tomorr had many students attending his dance and drama classes. Both were popular teachers. Inevitably, there was demand from both sets of students for a performing arts facility with a permanent, geographical base and great music teachers. In 2013 they decided to join forces and Stage Talent Academy was founded, opening at Compass Theatre in Ickenham that same year.

It was a success from the very beginning. Mariela and Tomorr had a shared vision of how the arts would be taught and a love of learning nurtured. Stage Talent Academy would be rooted in holistic character development through music learning. A place where Music Theory is at the centre of all music tutor support. Striving for excellence through the teaching of the highest quality. Teaching provided with unstinting standards and demanding high expectations from students in return. Attainable expectations delivered in a safe, enjoyable environment.


We now teach music to more than 800 students with many working through Music Theory while learning more than one instrument simultaneously. And we are no longer in one fixed location. We operate from several London locations and also have a large following online. We operate in many schools where our high standard of teaching is in high demand. We take pride in the extracurricular activities we provide and school administrations praise the effect that these have on child behaviour and overall school attendance.

And there are plans to spread our teaching philosophy wide, not just beyond our area but beyond music. Our plans to develop Stage Talent teacher training programmes is well underway. Music tutors anchored in schools and peripatetic teachers in a variety of subjects travelling region to region, all will have been trained in our philosophy of learning.

Our story is one of success. Through modern technology and an ever-evolving teaching programme, more and more students love learning at Stage Talent Academy. Beyond standard exams and home learning, they enjoy our local authority initiatives, music festivals, collaborations with neighbourhood schools, recital competitions and our bi-annual academy showcase performance.