Changes to The Uxbridge Centre Classes

The Stage Talent Course of Uxbridge Centre and Compass Theatre are merging into one (Drama, Singing & Dance)

If you want to continue with the Stage Talent course you are invited to attend our Ickenham Centre: Saturdays 2:30-4:00pm otherwise you could continue to The Uxbridge Centre with Modern Dance Classes.

You have now two options:

A - Uxbridge Centre - Modern Dance

11:30-12:15 Modern Dance (From £8 per class) This is a new class which will substitute the Stage Talent course.

B - Ickenham Centre - Drama, Music & Dance 2:30-4:00 Stage Talent (From £10 per class) Here we are joining the existing Uxbridge and Ickenham groups into one single class.

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Stage Talent Academy

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Ickenham, London UB10 8PD

Phone: 0203 012 0134