Stage Talent Academy

Before filling out this form, please read the instructions below:

  1. This form must be filled in by a Parent/Guardian or someone over 18 years of age.
  2. Complete Page 1 of the form with your child(ren)’s information, and Page 2 of the form for parent details.
  3. Refundable Deposit: Please insert into Page 3 your payment details for the refundable deposit. 
  4. A refundable deposit fee of £25 (per child) will be held in our system to secure your FREE Taster lesson and to arrange payment for classes at a later date.
  5. Your payment details are securely encrypted by your bank; we do not have access to them.
  6. The deposit fee will be refunded regardless of you deciding to continue with our courses or not. 
  7. The deposit fee will NOT be refunded if you fail to attend the taster lesson.

If you have any questions about this, please call or text us on 07782503260We will then contact you with more info and/or allocate a place in our courses. ⤵️ Please complete the form below to register your child(ren). It takes less than 5 minutes ⤵️