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Enlivening classrooms with free role-playing game

To be honest, personally I'm not a big fun of video games. However I must admit that they could be an answers to one of our times dilemas in improving children's learning through computer games.
Games and especially computer or online games are one of the biggest attractions for children today.
I find myself struggeling to find exciting ways and remove my kids away from tablets or computers as they are so engaged on winning or achieving new goals at their virtual games.
Here is a short video and description which gives informatin about this new platform. 
Tomorr Kokona
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Classcraft, the first online educational role-playing game that teachers and students play together for free, recently announced the launch of a fully-updated version of their product for the new academic year. This revised version boasts new features such as free iOS apps for iPhone and iPad, interactive forums, student analytics and customisable characters, all of which will be useful for both teachers and students. Also included are French, Chinese, Dutch, German, and Spanish translations, which has made the game even more accessible to classrooms worldwide.
To date, more than 30,000 students in 50 countries around the world are playing the game.
In order to keep students engaged, the Quebec-based team of education professionals are keen to inject the mechanisms of popular social games into learning. Playing in teams, students can become mages, warriors and healers, each with unique powers.
The more a student excels, the more they gain points and real powers, like the ability to take notes into an exam. Teams can lose points by disrupting the classroom or submitting homework late; consequences can include detention and and less time to finish assignments.
Feedback for Classcraft includes:
  • "Classcraft saved my classroom! My class immediately changed behaviorally and academically after I implemented it in my courses.” - Roy Rodriguez, high school teacher, College Station, Texas
  • "When I started Classcraft, my AP Biology scores were in the C range. The average increased to an A in a month." -Rebecca Osborne, Biology teacher, Anaheim, California
  • "The transformation has been profound. My whole classroom is enthusiastically trying to participate in order to get XP and not let their team down!" - Darren McQuaid, Seoul
  • "My students' attitudes have completely changed; they're cheering each other on, and kids who weren't friendly before are eager to help their teammates." - Amy Tucker, 7th & 8th grade Language Arts teacher, Auburn, Maine
Classcraft will also introduce a variety of other features before the end of the year, including Android support, boss battles, interactive polling and a story mode.
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