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The BBC taps Doctor Who to bring the basics of coding to kids


Often, whiles teaching drama for children of primary school age at our Stage Talent Academy I have been asked to portray different characters from the iconic BBC series: 'Doctor Who'.
Alongside learning and developing dialogue from the series, children are very curious in linking the characters with the incredible visual effects. Their imagination goes wiled by asking the 'impossible': 'Can we create these effects and project them on the studio wall in the same way as the movie'?
The BBC has now created exactly that or at least a simple version aiming to help children learn about game coding.  
Tomorr Kokona
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Tying in with the new coding and computing content initiative announced by the BBC last month, the British broadcaster has announced a new Doctor Who-themed game designed to teach the basics of programming to kids.
Available online in the UK from Wednesday 22 October, ‘The Doctor and the Dalek’ game is aimed at CBBC-age viewers, and is voiced by the good Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi.
Players guide The Doctor on a perilous pursuit through space, as he teams up with a Dalek he rescued to save all of creation. Though the game is aimed at kids, the adventure also delves into the Sontar homeworld and the Clone Chambers, which have hitherto never been seen on-screen before, so this will probably appeal to curious Doctor Who fans of all ages.
Coding in games
The gaming facet is really just the packaging for what lies within. A myriad of puzzles and challenges are scattered throughout, with players taking control of the Dalek to ‘program’ it back into shape. With each successfully completed puzzle, an achievement is unlocked that helps The Doctor fine-tune the Dalek into tip-top condition.
I hope you found the info useful and inspiring.
You could visit the BBC here and watch one of the latest Doctor Who Series. Perhaps your child could be the future wizard, artist, actor or performer and create  amazing animation for all to enjoy. 
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Article Source: http://thenextweb .com/insider/2014/10/20/doctor-dalek-bbc-brings-basics-coding-kids/
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