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10 Ways to be a perfect dancer

I read this article a couple of days ago and find it very useful, especially for young dancers.

I hope you'd like it.

Tomorr Kokona

By Rosie White

Behind every dancer is a teacher that believed in them before they believed in themselves. I think we all have one or two Dance Teachers that has helped or is helping us to our success. Thank you.

Teachers will be the first ones to tell you from the very start that it takes more than talent to be a great dancer. Of course I shouldn’t have to tell you how hard you should be working in your dance class.

The greatest dancers don’t just work the hardest in dance class, they have many other qualities that make their teachers happy.

How to be the perfect Dance Student

Don’t Be Late

If your on time you are late (thats what someone said to me once anyway). Always get to class at least 5 minutes before to make sure you are prepared. If you’re late the class will start with out you and you will miss out on warm-up or something important. On top of this its just rude to be late.

Come Prepared & Focussed

The greatest dancers think in advance. Think what you need for class/rehearsals. If you are unsure then show up over prepared, bring your heels or points just incase. Leave your day and the door and arrive to class ready to concentrate and be focussed.

Don’t Be The Distraction

There is always that one chatty dancer or loud one, make sure it’s not you. You are their to learn and dance and you will get some much more from it if you concentrate. Talk before or after otherwise you will become the pain to the teacher and you really don’t want that.

Ask Questions

Teachers/ Choreographers love it when you ask questions. Get all the tiny little details, like ‘where is the head placement on this movement?’ It shows how much you are focused and listening. Always listen to other dancer’s questions too, so you don’t end up asking the same question later on. Just remember to think before you speak.

Don’t Be Negative & Give Up Easily

It is the worst to have a class full of negativity. The worst thing a teacher wants to hear is ‘I can’t’ or ‘It hurts’… When in class and stretching don’t full out of that stretch right away. You won’t gain anything from giving up so easily. Keep on trying.

Take Notes

Normally you don’t see dancers sat in class writing notes. But we are always mentally taking notes from what we are learning this is how we will progress. In rehearsals, if you are given notes from a performance write it down and learn from them. It helps.

Trust & Show Respect

Trust your teachers with their knowledge, methods, their judgements and decisions. Always show them you have respect for them. It’s like a loving circle… you show them respect they are going to be happy and continue to push you to a better dancer. They will definitely respect you in return.

Always Keep Working

There is no such thing as perfect, we can always be that little bit better. So when we aren’t in class we should keep stretching, working on our turns or conditioning our bodies. So we can show an even better improvement. Practice to stay more permanent at your talent and skills.

Be Supportive

Encourage your other dance friends in class and rehearsals, clap for them, praise them other to help them if they are in need of it.

Absorb Direction Quickly

Of course it is going to take time to take on direction, it is a skill. Keep working on the things you have been given. If your teachers/choreographer corrects something as simple as head direction then take the note a fix it right away. Dance Teachers hate to repeat themselves… Don’t make them mad!

I hope these tips helped you to be the best dancer you can be in class. It will only make your teacher love you more and show how easy and great you are to work with. If you have any other tips you can share with us, I would love to hear them. So Please share.