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Dance is as important as Maths

Akram Khan is one of the most prominent UK choreographers and his opinion matters.

I believe that if dance would be included in the national curriculum we will see major changes in children's behaviour within one generation.

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Tomorr Kokona

Stage Talent Academy

Akram Khan: Choreographer says dance is 'as important as maths and being a doctor'

Akram Khan, one of the most-acclaimed choreographers in the UK, has called for the Government to put dance in the curriculum saying it is as important as studying maths or medicine.

The 41-year-old, who choreographed part of the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games, is backing a festival of young dancers this week called Apex Rising. Yet he is worried about the next generation in the UK if dance is not put in the curriculum.

“Dance needs to be a national priority; it needs to be in the school curriculum. There is a misconception that it’s an out-of-hours, out-of-school activity,” he told The Independent.

“The school year is coming up, there’s so much talent and we can’t lose that. It’s important the Government supports it.” He added: “Dance is more than a hobby. It’s as important as anything else on the curriculum. It’s as important as maths, it’s as important as being a doctor.”

Dance embodies much more than having a good time, he went on.

“It can transcend and break through many barriers that other things cannot do. It can be political, religious and has a social connection Art is desperately needed right now.”

Earlier this year, Mr Khan, who set up his own company in 2000, criticised the quality of contemporary dance training in the UK, alongside DV8 Physical Theatre’s artistic director Lloyd Newson and Hofesh Shechter. He raised his concern about UK dance-school training criticising the “rigour, technique and discipline” of the teaching. He said he had not changed his views.

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Article published originally at The Independent

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