1. Definitions

“Stage Talent” refers to the Stage Talent Academy and the associate thereof.
“Stage Talent Team” refers to “Stage Talent” and other individuals involved in administering Stage Talent Products and
“Tutors” refers to individuals who are experts and are engaged by Stage Talent for the purpose of teaching and
mentoring Participants on scheduled dates and times as agreed.
“Participants” refers to those individuals who engage in Stage Talent classes and events.
“Services” refers herein to the Services supplied by Stage Talent to its Participants.
“Scheduled Events” refers to the in-person meetings that are on pre-set dates and times and any other events or
activities that Stage Talent specifically participates in.

2. Confidentiality

Participants must be committed to confidentiality. Participants help each other by sharing ideas and experimenting with
concepts. Information shared within the group must remain confidential. Stage Talent does not, however, guarantee nor
will Stage Talent be liable if you share an idea and later believe that another person took this idea, or if you feel
negatively affected by someone’s reaction to information you choose to share. You do not need to share confidential
information to fully experience the positive results of participation if you do not feel it is appropriate to do so.

3. Intellectual Property of Stage Talent

Participants will be receiving extensive information, literature, handouts, strategies, tests, products and materials
(“materials”) as part of participating in Stage Talent Services. These materials have been developed over several years
and the copyrights belong to Stage Talent and individual members of the Stage Talent Team or Tutors. Participants do
not own the materials provided to them during participation in Services and have no right to duplicate, copy, adapt,
transmit, sell, teach or license the materials in any way, shape or form. The materials are strictly for your personal use
only as a Participant.

4. Participant Commitments

Stage Talent is committed to developing their Participants. Participants need to be as committed as we are to the
process and the work associated with the Services provided.

5. Changes to Product and Services

In the unlikely event that Stage Talent needs to make a change to an event venue, date or time or replace a Tutor, or
make any other change to a module or event, Stage Talent maintains the right to do so.

7. Business with those in the Stage Talent community

We do not accept any liability for business dealings that you choose to enter into with other clients or those in the wider
Stage Talent community.

8. Complaints Policy

Stage Talent takes all complaints seriously. Should a Participant have a complaint about a Tutor, Stage Talent team
member, or any part of the Service they have enrolled in, Stage Talent will take every reasonable step to rectify the issue.
Participant complaints are to be emailed to info@stagetalent.co.uk. Once the Stage Talent team receives the complaint,
participants should allow 48 working hours for a confirmation email to be received. Stage Talent will always aim to fully
resolve any issues within 14 working days of the first email being received. Neither party will go online or escalate into a
legal processes without first allowing the 14 working days for investigation and resolution. Neither party will publicly complain on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. without first attempting to resolve the issue mutually within
the 14 day working period. You are recommended to engage licensed professional advice for medical, legal and financial

9. Fees

Fees will be reviewed yearly and are subject to changes to keep inline with inflation and any other market costs

10. Payment Plan Conditions

If you elect to pay fees at a certain time, we will remind you when payment is due. Payment is expected by a set up
deadline. Please contact the Stage Talent office if you have any deadline or payment queries.

11. Late Payments

Our utmost priority and commitment is to give you and your child the best possible service. Therefore in order to allow us
to focus on the teaching and spend only the necessary time and energy on admin, from January 2020 we would only
accept full term payments. Any late payments will incur a 5% admin fee of the termly price.

12. Cancellation Policy

Please give a minimum of 24hrs notice if a specific lesson needs to be canceled, so the lesson can be rescheduled.

13. Termination Policy

If you decide to stop lessons, please give half a term’s notice (6x weeks) in writing.

14. Refunds

No refund will be provided to Participants unless there are exceptional reasons.

15. Breach of Terms and Conditions

Material breach of these terms and conditions may, at the sole discretion of Stage Talent, will result in termination of your rights as a Participant.

16. Collections

If Stage Talent has to send your account to collections or pursue legal action for non-payment of fees, then Stage Talent
shall be entitled to recover its associated legal fees and costs.

17. Our Principles: Consistency, Stability and Quality:

Here at Stage Talent, we keep our focus on our teaching principles of Consistency, Stability and Quality. These principles
together with practice, parents’ support and positive mindset help to develop children’s attitude, ethos and character.

18. Our Ethos: Confidence, Creativity and Excellence:

Our programmes are designed to build confidence, enhance creativity and set children up to strive for excellence. After
all, learning a musical instrument teaches children to be committed, disciplined and self-reliant. They continue to use
these skills throughout their lives and go on to become confident, independent individuals, who have nurtured their
passions and achieve better social interaction as future adults.

Registration Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions:

I have read the information about the programme and understand that if I have any queries I can discuss them with the
staff at Stage Talent on 020 3012 0134 or by post: Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue, UB10 8PD.

Consent to attend:
I give my consent to my son/daughter/ward attending the event/workshop/s.
My child/ren is/are in good health to the best of my knowledge and I consider him/her/them fit to take part in the
Personal possessions:
I understand Stage Talent will do everything in its control to protect my son/daughter/ward’s personal possessions but
cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.
I understand that while my son/daughter/ward are participating in the event they will be subject to the general code of
behaviour and will be required to obey the instructions and advice of Stage Talent staff, Chaperones and other Stage
Talent authorised staff. If the Code of behaviour is not adhered to, participants may be sent home.
I understand that some subjects taught by Stage Talent (such as stage activities) may be extremely physical. Stage
Talent Academy will not be held responsible for any injuries suffered due to the child’s own causation.
In the event of an accident or illness, I understand that every effort will be made to contact me but if this is impossible I
authorize my child’s teacher/leader to consent to any medical treatment including inoculations, surgery or blood
transfusions from a qualified medical practitioner which in the opinion of the qualified medical practitioner may be
necessary for my child in the course of the event, on or off-site activity.
I give my consent to my son/daughter/ward photograph/film being taken only for publicity and promotional purposes.
I give my consent to Stage Talent Academy to contact me with information about this and other activities.
General data protection:
I understand Stage Talent are covered by the information sharing protocols. This means that information held by
partnership agencies including the Police, Youth Offending Teams and the Education Department may be shared subject
to the Data Protection Act.

March 2022 – This is a working document and is updated periodically. It responds to continuous customers’ needs and
compulsory legal and accreditation bodies requirements.