What you need to know before starting Music Lessons with Stage Talent Academy:

Welcome to Stage Talent, the spotlight for the future artists!

🎵What do we stand for?
We use performing arts to Inspire Creativity, Build Confidence and Promote Excellence for everyone.

Before filling out this form, please read the instructions below.
This form must be filled in by a Parent/Guardian or someone over 18 years of age.

We will then contact you with more info and/or allocate a place in our courses.

⭕️ From what age do you accept students?
✅ From 4+ years old. However, this depends on many factors and the final decision it is taken after an assessment by our teacher and the initial consultation with the parent(s).

⭕️ Do you take beginners, intermediate and advanced?
✅ Yes. We take students from all levels. The final decision is taken after an exploratory assessment.

⭕️ How many lessons are there per year?
✅ There are 36 lessons per year (12 lessons per term).

⭕️ Do you prepare for any qualifications, and/or examinations?
✅ Yes, we can prepare and enter your child(ren) for ABRSM examinations (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), but this is optional.

⭕️ Do I have the chance to perform on stage?
✅ Yes. You can choose to perform at one of Stage Talent events, but this is optional.

⭕️ When and where do the lessons take place?
✅ In school, during term time (Check with your school/teacher)
✅ After school hours and weekends at Compass Theatre and in Central London venues (Check with your teacher)

⭕️ How long are the lessons?
✅ 30min, 45min and 60min (For One to One Instrumental and Singing)
✅ 30min and 60min (For Group Singing, Instrumental and Theory)

⭕️ What are the Fees for Individual lessons?
✅ 30min - 12 lessons @ £22.50 per lesson = £270 per term
✅ 45min - 12 lessons @ £33.75 per lesson = £405 per term
✅ 60min - 12 lessons @ £45 per lesson = £540 per term

⭕️ What are the Fees for Group lessons?
✅ 30min - 12 lessons @ £15 per lesson = £180 per term for Instrumental or Singing
✅ 60min - 12 lessons @ £25 per lesson = £300 per term for Theory

⭕️ How to pay?
✅ To secure your place, you pay in advance monthly, termly or annual installments by Credit or Debit Card via Stripe, our payment gateway.

⭕️ What happen if I need to cancel one lesson?
✅ If you need to cancel one lesson you must give a minimum of 24hrs notice so the lesson can be rescheduled. Otherwise the fee will be lost.

⭕️ What happen if I need to terminate a course?
✅ If you decide to stop lessons, please give half a term’s notice (6x weeks or 45 days) in writing. If you entitled of a refund, we will send the money into your chosen account. Bank fees are non-refundable.

⭕️ Do I need books?
✅ Yes. We will inform you and your child in writing about the music books.

⭕️ Do I need an instrument to practice?
✅ Yes. Please contact us if you need information about instruments

⭕️ Do I need to practice outside the lesson time?
✅ Yes. Your teacher will instruct you about the length and frequency.

⭕️ Contact us with any further questions:
🎵Text: +44 (0) 7782503260
🎵Email: info@stagetalent.co.uk

⤵️ Please complete the form below to register your child(ren). It takes less than 5 minutes ⤵️

Stage Talent Academy

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