'My son's confidence has grown enormously since he started the Stage Talent Course. He loves it :)'
Michelle - Mother - Ickenham, London. 
"An excellent platform for children and young people to develop their self-confidence and sense of achievement"
Brent Council (Christine Allen)
Drama Singing and Dance Classes for Children
"A remarkable testimony to the quality and the legacy of the project"
Hillingdon Council (Kris Holiday)
''It gives the young people a firsthand experience into the arts world and as a result, many of them can decide to pursue this in their future studies or employment''
Westminster Council (Valentina Wong)
"A positive impact for the young people's mental and physical health, confidence, aspirations and lifelong skills" Kensington & Chelsea Council (Anna Banbury)

Stage Talent Academy

Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue,

Ickenham, London UB10 8PD

Phone: 0203 012 0134

Email: info@StageTalent.co.uk